5 comments on “1.24 Let it All Hang Out

  1. So many things that made me laugh in this chapter 😀 all of the kids are really adorable. Well, except Erin, but that's just because she is still a baby. As soon as she ages up, that will be not a problem any more.

    William seems to be a bit of a crybaby… I wouldn't have thought that 😀 Looking all manly and stuff.

  2. Such a great chapter! Poor William, all locked out of the bathroom and needing rescue. I still love Spike, though.

    The kids are all so interesting! It will be interesting to see what happens when it's a house full of teenagers…

    Jin having her birthday in her birthday suit was perfect.

  3. Every time I think this legacy can't get more absurd, it proves me wrong! The stuff with William was fabulous, and that didn't have anything to do with an ISBI.

    I have no idea why Jin was wandering around the house naked. I think she glitched getting out of the shower. I hadn't thought about the birthday suit angle. That makes it all the better!

    I fear (?) we will never have five teenagers. Erin's just too much behind the others, and Branden will be an adult before she's a teen. Before Erin turned up, I was going to wait until everyone was a teenager before I put up the heir poll, but I think I'll just have to use a CAS shot of her as a teen to put her on even footing with the others.

  4. I love Spike/William. I honestly can't wait for the next generation as I think he'll make a great addition to the family tree. He'd better not try any of his antics on the Wonderland girls though as their very protective mummies will be having words. My money for the heirship is on Deanne though. A clumsy angler is all kinds of awesome!

    I LOVE that house!!

  5. I meant to comment on a previous post that the kid running through the garage made me LOL.
    Nice to have Jin finally in a different lifestage than Allison and Hetal!

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