0 comments on “1.30 Telephones and Hormones

  1. I loved Deanne in this chapter… her outfit, the way she just lurked in the background of pictures, the fishing, the frig argument… full of win!

    Poor Caitlyn, though! What a sad little date she had. It seems like all of the teens are getting into their social lives now, which is really interesting to watch with completely autonomous sims.

    Allison and Hetal are doing a better job of it than I thought they would when Jin left the household!

  2. Again, a great mixture of actions and sims in this chapter 🙂 You always manage to take adorable pictures and let Allison tell the story in a way that really makes me laugh 😀

  3. Deanna is so cute in this chapter, in almost every picture all dressed up to go swimming! Poor Caitlin and Branden their love life isn't working out. Hopefully Lacey will stop dating different guys and just be Branden's girl friend. Great chapter!

  4. I love Deanna and everything about her! I want her froggy goggles! What jerks the townie kids are in your neighbourhood. They totally don't deserve the awesomeness of the Wonderland kids.

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