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  1. Poor fridge he's just not loved XD Good thing Caitlin can fulfill her duties as a ISBI failer(I'm not sure what word I would use there?) or things would just not work would they? Great chapter and yeah from past ISBI challenges(That I never finished) Things do get into repeats as the oldest gets closer to young adult hold. Great chapter 😀

  2. I didn't know you'd done an ISBI! Ha! It's not like most challenges get finished, so there's no shame in it :). I made sure to set my generation goal small (5) because I don't think I want to do any play style for 10 generations. You look like you have a real shot at finishing the Fireworks, which is awesome.

    I was hoping there would be more dates. That would mix things up. But Caitlyn's was the only one so far.

  3. I did the ISBi's just for fun, it's not recorded anywhere. I really do want to finish the fireworks I have planed each generation to the end! I'm sure you'll be able to make it to 5, it gets easier as you get into the generations the hard part is handling so many Sims.

  4. The poor refrigerator is so misunderstood!

    I love that the fad of flippers around the house seems to be spreading. Everyone is getting along so well and looking out for each other, too.

    Nice to see a little fail, though, just to keep it ISBI-y.

  5. You've really planned each generation of the Fireworks? You did such a good job of coming up with a plot for each of the members of this generation. That's a lot of work!

    In my serious legacy (the Samples), I don't plan ahead very far. I just see how the personality traits come out and build the story from there.

  6. Are you sure this is a idiocy? I'm not sure it is. Your kids are being far too well behaved. Although, you can never have too many pictures of Erin being adorable.

    It's always more sad when the animals become elders than the sims themselves. Dinah wears it well though.

    I'm on Deannes side though. That fridge must have it in for her!

  7. I keep wondering how Allison can go through only one day without quesstioning her sanity. The calm way she described her kids' actions in the beginning (and throughout the chapter) cracked me up.

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