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  1. Erin has the most varied mix of genetics of all the kids. She also makes some great facial expressions. Deanne is absolutely stunning! Allison's face is really striking with black hair and green skin.

    Shame on Hetal for forgetting her littlest daughters birthday party.

  2. Erin is kind of cute, but Deanne is sooo gorgeous! I haven't checked yet, but could you put up the Wonderlands for downloading? If you already did – thank you 😉

  3. Hetal did kind of blow it there, didn't she?

    I agree — Erin has the most interesting genetic mix and Deanne is beautiful. As far as I can tell, Deanne's face is Allison's exactly. Apparently Jin's coloring is just perfect for that face. And the silver eyes really are striking.

    I am toying with having the Gen 2 heir get some plastic surgery when s/he inherits and reduce the size of that Anjali nose. Those noses are really interesting shapes, but they are HUGE. It's probably breaking some genetic legacy rule someplace, but I can make up my own rules, so there.

  4. I finally got a chance to read this!

    Erin really is a good mix of Allison and Hetal. I like her perceptive trait, too. It seems like that will suit her.

    Allison's face really is striking in green!

    No more toddlers. Hetal celebrates with a nap. I like it.

  5. Branden didn't end up too bad, even with angry eyebrows and that enormous nose! He looks kind of fierce but classy.

    I'm pretty pleased with the kids, especially Erin.

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