11 comments on “2.14 Life after Death

  1. Oh, no – Allison! Wow, it's always tough to see the founder die. Even if she was way over her lifespan.

    Four children, huh? Now that only three adults are around, that is going to be quite a challenge, since most of them are so small. And who knows how Hetal will live. I'm feeling like this was easier in the last generation, but just noticed that it was only three adults back then, too. Maybe I should re-read that. 😉

  2. Well, I have a confession to make. I'm cheating. I'm now running Retuner at 80% on all my games. It doesn't FEEL terribly different, except that my sims are just a little bit snappier and less prone to lag. That little change has a huge effect on the fail count of the ISBI :).

    I'm also running on a new computer, and I think that helps

  3. No *I* am having a stupid day today. I meant Relativity. It's an NRaas mod. It doesn't make sims more intelligent. It alters the flow of time in the game so that the animations don't take as many sim-seconds to complete. Thus you can go to the bathroom in less than an hour, etc. With animations taking 80% of the time (in sim-seconds) they used to, my idiots seem to shockingly be able to reach the bathroom and bed a lot more often.

    It's just a bit confusing to configure, but if you want to try it out, I'll be happy to advise :).

  4. Oh that is a brilliant thing! Thanks for explaining. I think I'll try that at some point – it annoys me to no end that easy actions, like going to the bathroom, literally take an hour.
    At the moment I'm swamped with things again, but I will definitely get back to you. 🙂

  5. Thanks! 🙂

    I have a custom lifespan that makes babies and toddlers a bit shorter and childhood a bit longer. It comes out to 92 days. But everyone in the household, including cats, has been outliving that by a minimum of 10 days when left to their own devices. I love my characters, but it's been kind of maddening.

  6. Hmm. Apparently, I didn't comment on this. I wonder how that happened?!

    I'm surprised and a little sad that Allison died so soon. She wasn't an elder for that long it seemed. At least she faced death head on, without fear. Much like she lived her life in fact.

    Franklin is adorable and I love how vamps sleep with v signs over their head. It looks like little Helen is a member of the undead too.

  7. I have mine set at 96 days and all (but one) of my Sims have died exactly at 96. It's so weird. At least by your Sims varying it's a little more realistic.

  8. Aw, Allison, always sad to see a founder leave. But she did have a particularly good life, especially for a TH presiding over so many idiots. And she made Grim route fail, which is always fun.

    Helen looks like a cutie, Hetal/Erin’s nose with William’s colouring. Hopefully she’ll get a good mix of genetics.

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