5 comments on “2.13 Kids and More Kids

  1. Apparently, I didn't comment on this one either. I really thought I had! 🙁

    Rude William! He'd better make this up to her. Preferably not by peeing on her. Considering what happens next chapter, that picture of Allison and Franklin is really sad.

    Gideon is my favourite … No, Franklin is … No, Helen. Gosh, this is hard. Again!

  2. LMAO, that outfit you put Franklin in, I just used the exact same one for my little insane heir! Mine is a girl, though, with her daddy’s blue hair (Rourke heir). Not posted yet, but it is too funny that we both used the same hair with the super squirrel outfit.

    Hell in Wonderland, brilliant name. Almost as good as Erin. And Gideon. Love all these play on words you’re using 🙂

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