8 comments on “2.16 The Masks We Wear

  1. I still love Irene's face; I can't wait to see her when she gets older, but Gideon definitely gets the best lines.

    William flirting with another woman — shocker. I know he was destined to be the heir spouse for this gen, but I have never liked him; I think he's a cad. Now that his DNA has been provided, I kinda hope he gets kicked to the curb.

  2. Where does this interaction with the lack of brain come from? I often experience that and it ALWAYS ends in a negative relationship. It's surprising that William would use it first, just to start flirting with that woman right afterwards. And while his wife is there, too! Unbelievable. But I'm sure Erin will stand her ground, so I'm not too worried about her. *off to read the next chapter*

  3. Such a … er … fun party. I must say that William is clearly the star of this chapter. Like his namesake, he really is a character, and quite true to life. I also find the fact that he has a secret penchant for fluffy romance shows strangely endearing.

    Wow Erin. Heading home and leaving behind your son sleeping in a strangers bed at a clearly adult costume party. Fantastic parenting skills there …

  4. The brain interaction is "Berate Ignorance" that got added to the Mean menu with some expansion. It seems to be really popular, especially with sims who have traits that take to the mean menu more often. William loves it, and so does Sawyer now that he's a teen.

    William is Flirty and Mean Spirited. He's incredibly entertaining, totally crappy mate.

  5. Irene has me most interested of the four kids. She's not yet a child in gameplay, so we'll see whether she's still the most interesting after her birthday. The other one who looks the most interesting is Franklin, who is probably going to share a teen birthday with Irene's child.

    William/Spike is a pretty terrible husband. He turns out to not be nearly as terrible a father. He entertains me. However, if Erin has a Midlife Crisis, all bets are off.

    • She read the bedtime story! Ha! That’s great. I haven’t read your entire alphabetacy, but I did look over your founding generation. I’m not sure I’d read it when I played this though ;).

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