0 comments on “2.17 The Perils of Politics

  1. Haha, William stuck as a giant wiener is so appropriate! The giant blue dragon glitch is kind of awesome…though not so much for gameplay, I imagine…

    After prepping in politics most of her life, Hetal should find herself right at home as a criminal! (Ba dum ch!) I think this is the first attempt in a legacy I've seen at apartment life…should be interesting!

  2. Whoa, the dog and the "dragon" are mighty creepy! I'm kind of glad the family moves now. Apartments are always fun, even if they're easily jammed with so many people. We'll see how that turns out.

    Hetal's new job suits her personality perfectly, and I'm glad you helped her find her way in the old one, too. Stealing campaign money sounds like something she would do.

  3. OMG. I'm Welsh, so I love dragons, but that blue pixelated nightmare is terrifying! All this moving around must be annoying for you, but it kind of suits Erin's flaky personality.

    Hetal stealing from the campaign fund is very realistic, but getaway driver? Doesn't she ride a broomstick?

  4. I believe I'm all caught up again. I hate game glitches 🙁 They make legacies soooo frustrating. I love Hetal's job switch, it does fit her much better. Haha and I agree with bookabetlegacy with the broomstick. 🙂

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