11 comments on “2.18 Home Is Where the Dragons Aren’t

  1. I didn't realise how much I missed Erin until this chapter!! I love how dysfunctional this household is. Erin really did get all hot and bothered didn't she?! Yikes!

    Mikhail is such a pretty kitty. I can't wait to be blinded by the next generation 🙂

  2. Erin got so hot and bothered that the graphics broke on one of her outfits! Actually, that was going on for a while. I'm not sure what corrupted it, but I kept thinking I fixed it when I changed her clothes. It took me forever to figure out a single outfit was corrupted.

    I love my dysfunctional Wonderlands too. It was good to see them again.

  3. Oh, and I meant to mention that the Wonderlands are back on an apartment lot again.

    They don't stay in the original apartment very long, actually. Moveobjects had been used a couple of times in a way that was causing route-fails, and I couldn't find where. So I rebuilt the whole lot a little bit larger and moved the family into it. Much more comfortable.

  4. Hahaha, blasting somebody with fire instead of answering a question that makes you uncomfortable: completely legit.

    I love the Wonderlands, and I'm glad they are back. The randomness that is going on here never ceases to amaze me. <3

  5. That hug is so adorable! I so need to try that out myself, will check out Retuner asap. It’s true that the animations are all there, so makes no sense why we don’t have the interactions. Could conceivably even turn on the peek-a-boo outside of the playpen, as per the child-toddler animations.

    • I did turn on peekaboo, and I think it works. Also chat. My idiot toddlers have never used the interactions autonomously, though. I wonder if there’s a way to tweak the advertisement.

      This is a good reminder for some future tweaking :).

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