4 comments on “2.32 Love Hurts

  1. ISBI is a whole other world that I’m just not familiar with (I get the general idea, but losing points for calling a babysitter?) I guess the idea is that the one controllable sim didn’t manage that situation well so you are docked. But in this case, you think it was a reset, right?

    I love your Love Day festival grounds, that is so cool having hot air balloon rides incorporated, very romantic. It’s nice the cats had a good Love Day, right? And you did get a great picture. The new blog looks really good, by the way. You made it feel like home; I had to check the bottom to make sure it was WordPress (or the top where it usually has the Blogger header).

    • Welcome! I’m glad you like the site!

      You lose points if the game has to call a babysitter for an unsupervised baby. For example: you leave a toddler in charge of an idiot, and the idiot leaves the lot. The game called a babysitter when Justin was reset home, but I’m not going to take points for it.

  2. Annoying that you couldn’t get Justin into the greeting card photo…but at least with him gone, the rest of the family could get into the motive mobile. For some reason, toddlers and babies never go in there.

    Justin is so adorable, though I’m not sure if we need another blonde vampire in the family…maybe we’ll about his genetics when he becomes a child.

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