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  1. You really enjoy the genetics! The sim that looks like Charles reminds me of a Sims 2 sim, more than Sims 3. The roller coaster was amazing for pictures, that’s for sure. And what a roller coaster, going under water, and with a shark leaping out at them. The naked guy at the end, and Erin’s reaction to him, was so funny. It was really fun seeing what each of the sims did with their fun day, you did a great job with keeping up with all of them.

    • I do love the genetics! I think genetic mixing is my favorite part of a multi-generational Sims challenge. I populated Avalon by hand, and I track the genetic diversity to pretty silly degree.

      This was a good day for an ISBI. The idiots stayed interesting. I got to see them try out store items I’ve done very little with. I’ve never broken out the ice cream machine. I’ve been warned by several other ISBI blogs that the store food machines advertise their action so strongly that they will take over your ISBI. In fact, it looks like the ice cream machine compels everyone within a certain radius to come get an ice cream cone. Great for the amusement park, though :).

      I do wish that the game were a bit more discriminating about what decor items were treated as art. Franklin spent a stupid amount of time critiquing every awning he could find.

      Erin’s action at the end was, “React to skinny dipper.” And did she react! Apparently she really likes skinny dippers. 🙂

  2. Genetics in TS3 is my single favourite part of the game. Justin looks to have a great mix of genetics, especially cool that he got some of the grandparent genetics!

    Those role sims are cool looking, especially the first one; yay for sim bin breeding! The china doll one is very close to a Face One, though – those eyes and nose are almost certainly mid-slider. Though the skin is awesome, definitely a CC one! Personally, I only install world and lots via Sims3Pack, and then only those without CC. And yet I still sometimes have issues with bad CC…

    • Yeah, the more I look at her, the more I realize she’s face one. I think I’m going to keep her, but randomize her face to see what I get.

      It turns out that her skin is a glitch. She has literally no skin at all. This is somehow different from the black you get when the sim has a skin that’s not present in the game.

      I loved the effect so much that I got on the ModTheSims modding forum and learned how to make it as a non-default skin. Lamest skin ever — just a blank white skin file. I’m ridiculously proud of myself, though :). I think I may submit it as an upload to MTS. You can get all kinds of cool effects by applying makeup.

      The bad CC was almost entirely my fault. Four years ago, I exported some of my sims as Sims3Packs. This year, I decided I wanted them to be .sim files, so I loaded those packs via the launcher. It turns out that my 4-years-ago self had no clue how to export a sim.

      I did get it all out, though, with some help from the NRaas forum.

  3. She actually left the amusement park without taking her kids with her? Lol. That is kind of typical for Erin. But it’s also a good sign, because that means she is fully back on track 😀 I can’t stop laughing at the pictures on the rollercoaster, too – looks extremely dangerous, but also like they had an amazing time. Excellent.

    Oh, and Justin has turned out to be a cute kid, really!

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