8 comments on “Generation 3 Heir Poll!

  1. Oh wow, Justin did not age well. Or maybe it’s just that he looks so much like his father… who I did not find at all attractive either.

    My pick is Imogen or Franklin! Their traits are cool too – Handy would definitely be helpful in an ISBI!

    • Heh. Justin’s a good genetic mix, but he seems to have pulled the most “normal” features from both of his parents. Some of it is just that he doesn’t have that Anjali nose, but Franklin manages to not have it while still looking unusual.

      The cavernous Spike cheekbones don’t show up as well in CAS, though, and he has those. I think Spike/William is plenty attractive, but my goal is unusual :).

      If an Anjali nose makes it to the third generation, I’m considering giving the heir a nose job via the hospital just to shrink it down a bit. I think it’s an awesome nose, but it is SO BIG.

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