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  1. So true, how does anyone in this house have a leg to stand on with pointing fingers at anyone else’s craziness?! Seems like a great idea, switching aspirations for Erin. Best of luck to her. I wonder what she’ll be like once she’s no longer the sim you control. Is the caffeine headache a thing, like a buff?

    • I know, right? Wonderland idiots complaining that the *torchholder* is crazy?

      Somebodysangel is right — that Private Investigator LTW is just impossible. I had heard that before I attempted it, but it doesn’t SEEM unreasonable when you do the math. Many cases are quite simple, and if you’re on top of things you can do more than one in a day. But it always seems to be balanced out by ones that take multiple days. Plus the goal of the game is to do SOMETHING other than work. It just progresses much more slowly than you’d expect.

      The caffeine headache is totally a thing. Coffee is really evil. It gives you a 3-hour (I think) Buzzed moodlet that allows you to ignore your Energy motive, while not actually adding to your Energy. Then it wears off and gives you a 3-hour Crashed moodlet. Unless, I believe, you drink MORE coffee to keep the buzz going. Not actually a bad simulation when you think about it.

  2. Ah, I was wondering when you’d switch LTWs; that Private Eye one is nuts. I’ve not completed it even controlling all sims, let alone in an ISBI. There’s just too much stuff to do.

    I can’t remember if we’ve had a TH poll for next generation or not? I’d be hard pressed to choose one of the kids, they’re all so different.

    • You’re not kidding. I had heard that the Private Eye LTW as impossible before I tried it. It didn’t look so awful when I tried to think it out, but wow it really takes way more work than a torchholder could possibly put in.

      Erin is Level 7 on Logic and Level 6 on Athletic — I think just from playing basketball with William all the dang time. I think she has a decent chance of topping those as an idiot, and the torchholder can push her toward basketball and chess/dominoes.

      We did have a poll back in October, I think, before I put this challenge on hiatus to go play my Pinstar Legacy. It was a tie between Franklin and Justin. I broke the tie and picked Franklin. That means that the next post is Erin’s last as torchholder.

  3. Ah, I see – changing Erin’s LTW might have been a wise choice. And you told us about it in a very convincing way, too. 🙂 Watching her being a PI has been fun, but now the pressure is off and maybe she can pursue the career just for fun.

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