4 comments on “3.1 Time Together

  1. I figured it was a great opportunity for Franklin to turn someone, since he and Linn had dated so long. Funny that he’s so good at bowling, which by the way, I miss in Sims 4.

    • Yeah. I have NRaas Hybrid, which allows sims to have more than one supernatural state, but I’m pretty sure Franklin can only turn sims who are normal humans. Since this is a supernatural ISBI, he can’t marry a normal human anyway, so Linn is headed for disappointment.

      Thanks so much for finding me over here :).

  2. Since Franklin is the oldest, and has a long time to live, I imagine you’re not going to rush into the next generation? He has to wait until most of his siblings are gone, anyway. Looking forward to seeing who he chooses!

    • Thank you for coming back after my long hiatus! I am doggedly catching up on my reading list, so I’ll be by!

      I don’t really have the time to play a vampire lifespan, and since the torch is passed when the heir ages to YA, I don’t think Franklin’s generation is going to be any longer than the others. I gave some thought about what to do with William, and I’d decided to move him in with one of the spares when Erin died, but then he solved that problem for me :-/. I’ll probably do that with Franklin.

      There’s space in the house for a spouse, and my game is currently on Gideon’s birthday. I could move the younger spares out when Gideon goes, but I kind of like keeping them around until they age up.

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