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  1. Ooh, Midnight Hollow! There are such lovely townies there too! Also I can’t wait to see who Franklin picks! I have a favorite, but I’m sure that no matter who it is, the children will be awesome looking.

    Also, I’d love to use one of your spares as a potential spouse for my Villain legacy I’m working on. I can’t say what gender I need yet as it would be for a Generation 3 spouse and Generation 3 hasn’t been born yet, but I know I’d love to see some of your awesome sims in my game. Are there any of them that you’d be willing to let me use?

    • My 5-year-old daughter got me to start a game for her in Midnight Hollow. I am playing it with default replacements for the grass and plants (I’ll post links). I think the effect is absolutely delightful. Default MH is so dark that I can barely see, but I think this is creepy while being visible. I think the architecture might be the best of any EA world, and the residents are great.

      I would be thrilled to have one or more of my sims in your game! I have your villain legacy open in a tab on my browser, but I haven’t started reading it yet. In my defense, I’ve been distracted by starting a new job :).

      Let me get my sims up for download. Right now, it’s just Allison. I’ve been meaning to do that for ages.

      • Ooh! I can’t wait to see the replacements now! I didn’t think MH was that dark personally, but I’ve heard alot of people complain. My best friend loves the town…maybe I’ll suggest your replacements to her. It might help her out.

        I’m just thrilled you’re willing! I love the character of your sims! I know i’ll never be able to match it, but i’ll try! And nah, the story hasn’t really picked up anyones interest yet honestly, but i really enjoy writing it. The Rippers are a funny family. Quite quirky.

        But I look forward to seeing more downloads! No idea who it will be, but i’ll probably bring a whole generation in, move the entire family in and see what happens and who takes my sims’ fancy.

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