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  1. I honestly like Jiao best. Evan isn’t bad – but Jiao and Franklin’s babies would be awesome looking I feel. Plus, I think PlantSims hybrid so well compared to other supernaturals. Anyway, I can’t wait to see more c:

    • Thank you!

      I have played one plantsim in my “serious” legacy, but I’ve never attempted a hybrid.

      Jiao babies *would* be awesome. This is such a difficult choice! And Franklin is just not helping me at all. He hasn’t rolled a romantic wish for anyone, but he rolls wishes to hang out with both of them on a regular basis.

      Well, he’s a vampire. He’s got time. I’ll play a bit further and see what happens.

  2. LOL at the party without a host. Stupid townie sims, always throwing lame parties like that. But at least Erin had a good time. I can’t believe she’s still an Adult, it seems like she’s been around forever.

    Either spouse option is fine with me, though Jiao might be more helpful in an ISBI, with that instant cleaning thing… then again I’m not sure if she could use that autonomously so it may not help so much! Wouldn’t be opposed to getting away from the green skin – I know Evan is a different colour, but hey. Maybe see which one Franklin rolls a wish for? That’s often how I choose, makes me feel like the sim is ‘choosing’.

    • Franklin hasn’t rolled any romantic wishes for anyone so far, but he *likes* both Jiao and Evan and wishes to see them. He’s just not helping me at all here.

      At the moment, both of them have been so difficult to nail down that I’m considering sending Franklin on alternating outings with each one and marrying him to whoever he can get to say yes first.

      I think both of them have good genes.

      I love watching plantsims walk around with their flower walk. Also, Franklin is a Green Thumb, and I like the idea of him harvesting his babies. I don’t truck with baby plantsims being clones — for the one I’m playing in the Samples, I rerolled her genes from both parents at harvest using MasterController, so that’s not an issue. OTOH, plantsim is basically an aesthetic supernatural state. They have a couple of cute interactions, an awesome walk style, and can photosynthesize, an that’s it. Plus the seed-generating reproduction.

      OTOH, I haven’t played a genie yet, and they have a lot more interesting abilities. Also, I found her as a barista and wanted to play her so badly that I rerolled her face one face and moved her into town.

      Choices, choices.

      • So many choices! I agree about the plantsim thing, both the clones and aesthetic supernaturals. Haven’t played a genie either, so looking forward to trying it.
        Anything in your rules about having more than one ‘spouse’? Maybe he could breed with both, since he’s being so damn picky.

  3. I agree, in Sims 2 & 3 it makes sense to see which sim they have wishes for. I was so surprised that Franklin wasn’t attracted to Evan and it really disappointed me because I am a lot more interested in Franklin choosing him than Jiao. He is SO cute and he’s a plantsim.

    Poor Helen, getting abducted, probed, and then getting picked up by the police & fussed at by her older brother. So unfair!!

    What kind of spell was Erin doing on funny eyebrow wiggling dude?

    and I’m really enjoying seeing Aurora Skies in action. I think it may be my favorite of the EA worlds so far because it looks really authentic and very appealing, unique.

    • Franklin hasn’t had any romantic wishes, but he wishes to see both of them pretty regularly. He’s had a wish to jump on the trampoline with Evan in his queue forever, but I don’t want him to attempt that out in the sunlight during the day, and Evan works evenings. This schedule issue comes up in the next post or the one after that. ARGH.

      I thought I had a closeup of the eyebrow wiggle. It was quite a wiggle. Ha!

      It took me a while to figure out what Erin was casting because the action in her queue was unlabeled. It turns out that I’d installed an autonomy mod for casting needs boosting spells at some point, so she was casting a spell to raise his hunger or sleep or something. More on that mod in a future post. There were…. issues.

      I think Aurora Skies is gorgeous, but I’m also eager to check out another world. On the list with Twinbrook and Monta Vista, I’m considering Midnight Hollow. I’d never play in that world as it is designed, but hard working modders have created lighting mods and vegetation default replacements that keep the spooky feel while making it less like walking around at midnight all the time.

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