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  1. Oh! I love this way of handling the game crashes! It's perfect for an insane sim. I also really like that picture of Cheshire attacking.

    Did Cheshire got outside just to meet the zombie? I didn't know that cats would do that!

    Poor William gave it a good shot. I still love him.

  2. One thing I'm enjoy about the ISBI is that nothing has to make sense. It's so refreshing :).

    Cheshire didn't really attack the zombie. He just went over to sniff it, and they made faces at each other. It was pretty funny. Are zombies supposed to MOVE? This one just stayed rooted to the same spot all night and just waved its arms in a threatening manner.

    William's certainly hot. But we're keeping him in storage for the next generation, so it's OK.

  3. I did, and I loved it 😀 If I had translated the title, I would probably have figured that out a little sooner. (And now I reaaally want to watch the movie again)

  4. Love how you dealt with the crashes. I really love the interactions with zombies. It's even better when one bites your active and they roam around the house.

  5. One thing that's really refreshing about doing an ISBI is that it doesn't really have to make sense, so I can just include all the stupid sim tricks and glitches straight in the story. I think I actually replayed that day about five times, and knowing I was going to turn it into a Groundhog Day post was a silver lining to the whole stupid glitch.

    This is my first zombie so far, and she never left that spot. I'll have to see how they go in the future.

  6. I LOVE that picture of Cheshire scratching.
    I can't wait to see who Allison picks as her mate. I'll just have to keep reading… 🙂

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