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  1. The kittens are so cute… but that's a whole lot of individuals on one lot! I can't believe you got up to six animals and seven sims in less than one generation! You are way braver than me.

    I saw the family photo on the exchange yesterday, very nice! I'm amazed that you got all of them in the same place for it.

    Branden being helpful is so sweet! His moms are going to need all of the help they can get.

    "Drooly people with skin conditions" is my new favorite zombie description!

  2. Branden really is very sweet. It's hard to get past his evil face, but he's actually very helpful around the house!

    I really like all the kittens, but I was really smacked in the head with three. I was convinced there would be just one, though I guess I knew you could get as many as three. I only wanted two kittens, since it's silly to have a genetic legacy with one choice.

    I think the Wonderlands are going to have to move, which kind of breaks my heart because I love their little condo. What I'd really like to do is have them rent out a room to a University roommate who would pay them, but I don't have University, and I'm actually not terribly keen on sending sims to another travel world where aging is disabled after playing Charles for a whole year. I was really hoping that functionality would be in the patch, but apparently not. Sob.

  3. It will be sad to see their little condo go. I hate it when glitches pile up like that.

    Is aging disabled at University? I'm still waiting to get Seasons! (Though the more I see of it, the more I bug my husband about getting that for me. Poor guy!)

  4. I think Strawberry is my favourite kitten at the moment, although there are a lot to choose from.

    Alison with the zombies was just a large, fluffy pile of fantastic. However, I'm not entirely sure I approve of her leaving Caitlin to play in the snow. Caitlin doesn't look like a very happy camper in that pic.

    It's a shame about the condo, it's pretty cute, but I somehow doubt that it was built to comfortably house 13. D you think y0ou'll build the next one yourself or download another?

  5. I don't have a favorite kitten yet. I'm delighted by how different they are. I was really going for *two*, not four, but now that they're here, I think they're all fascinating. It isn't clear in these pictures, but strawberry has a purple splotch around her mouth that makes it look like she just ate a bunch of jam. The genetics calculator did a great job. I didn't really know what it would do, but it looks like it's actually picked different layers of markings from different parents. Strawberry looks like she has Cheshire's purple stripes on her legs on top of Dinah's solid red-brown.

    After seeing how different Jolvsbook's two identical-appearing puppies grew up in her legacy, I'm going to withhold judgement on heir until they're adult. (Though it seems like there is probably less change from kitten to cat than puppy to dog.) Also, it's probably going to be a poll anyway. I'm already excitedly picking out potential mates for future generations. 🙂

    I pretty much hate building houses, and I love shopping for custom content. I've spent a bunch of time wandering around, looking at CC houses. And I found some great ones that would work. But just recently I realized I'd never looked at the EA houses in the house library, and I think I'm going to use one of those. The EA houses are often more haphazard and quirky rather than a perfect reproduction of an architectural style, which suits the Wonderlands better :).

  6. I love all three kittens (so cute!!!!!) and their names 😀 Now I'm craving for some fruit salad…

    Can't wait for the new baby to enter the world – this should be even more fun! 🙂

  7. Where'd my comment go?! I posted one about 15 mins ago. Oh well.

    Damn, you have a lot of cats in this house. If Allison wasn't married, I'd call her a crazy cat lady. Actually, I might just call her one anyway! Luckily, the kitties are absolutely adorable. I really don't know which one I prefer the most.

    I love Allison's voice and how naïve she is when it comes to the more Supernatural element in town. She really has no idea, and to top it off, her own wife and son are witches.

    Best opening line ever 🙂

  8. Allison IS a crazy cat lady. Have you seen her traits?? Ha!

    Allison is so much fun to write. It's easy to keep this blog fairly close to up-to-date because Allisons's commentary is effortless. Well, and also it doesn't need to have any plot. Her voice comes from her Childish trait, which she almost never gets to use because torch holders have to be responsible all the time. I'm curious to see if I can do something totally different for Gen 2.

  9. New kittens are cute and cutely named! I loved the trip to the festival in the dark and with 3 foot of snow on the ground. (I agree, that is the best time for it. For this family. 🙂

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