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  1. You replaced the baby? That just seems somehow… wrong… and, also, totally reasonable!

    The whole sequence of labor, Allison's birthday, and everyone just giving up and going to bed was hilarious! Poor Hetal, all alone at the top of the stairs, giving birth.

    The twins are super cute playing together. I've never had twins in any of my games so I'm apparently missing out on that kind of cute.

    The cats are adorable. How are you ever going to be able to choose one!?

  2. It sounds like you might actually have to say goodbye to the condo, as nice as it is. It doesn't seem to be working for the family anymore.

    Cute baby boy … er girl! I can't wait to see what she looks like 🙂 What a crazy, hectic couple of birthdays.

  3. I feel kind of abstractly guilty about replacing the baby. Not for cheating, but for rejecting the baby because it had boring genes. These are NOT REALLY BABIES, people. THEY ARE PIXELS!

    Well, as a penalty, Deanna is not a witch (the boy was), and I didn't get to pick either of her traits. I need to look up what they are.

    I believe that twin cuteness is entirely from the playpen. Toddlers on their own have no interactions with each other, which is an annoying oversight of EA's. You get twins who grow up to kids and have no relationship with each other at all. The triplet Samples had to build all their relationships with each other as kids.

    And about the kittens — I KNOW, RIGHT? Four cats, each cuter than the last, and all of them different. Cheshire and Dinah have great genes.

  4. Yeah, I think the condo is not long for this world, though I'm still playing in it approximately two days in the future of this post. Mostly what's keeping me from moving is that I haven't figured out what they can afford so I can locate an appropriately-placed lot.

  5. I'm sorry that there were problems in your game again… at least you now have a cute new baby girl to distract you from that! I was a little confused reading that part, but your explanation afterwards made it clearer. And it's totally understandable why you cheated 😀

    The kittens are soooooooo cute, I want to have one of them!

  6. Aliens! Repo women! Snow angels! oh my!

    Peanut=massive love. Massive, massive love. He must be mine. Please! He'll be my scientist's pet. Military (science) which restores electricity, and I'll have my scientist be a smartass, pudgey genius with-a-slightly-receding-hairline. Who loves cats. 😀 (do you like sci-fi shows? can you guess my scientist?) *dreams* please show lots of kitty spam. KThxBNW

    The babies can play patty-cake? Finally EA, toddler interaction. It was adorable. And I like the new GREEN baby. That is a nice looking GIRL. *what? I can't hear you over all the IGNORING I'm doing* <3<3<3

  7. Yeah, seriously, the Wonderlands ALWAYS have something wacky going on. I think I am sold on big households :).

    Yeah, the toddlers can play games together, but only in the playpen. I've been experimenting with this enormously powerful-but-confusing mod in Twallan's NRaas suite called Retuner to see if I can turn on games that can be played child-toddler for toddler-toddler. I mean, the animations exist for the toddlers; why can't they be used together? But I haven't tested it.

    I will totally upload Peanut to the Exchange! Also his brothers and sister when they become adult. I believe you can upload kittens to the Exchange, so I could upload all of them as kittens.

  8. **Hugs, hugs, hugs**. (Notice I am not giving you sloppy kisses, I'm being good tonight for some odd reason.) Yay, Peanut (or at least his genes) will be mine. See, after reading all about Peanut, and, and, he's so cute and I LOVE cats, that instead of getting a dog (I've never had dogs or horses in the game) so I could do something different– I got a cat. (Oh, Spoiler, oops.)

    This is all your fault, I'm buying Generations, and adopting cats instead of dogs, we're both wanting to play with Clark's genes *snerk*, YOU HAS WITCHY POWERS, ADMIT IT. I CALL- VOODOO! But I lufs you anyways. 😀 Hee hee hee.

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