4 comments on “1.45 Defense against Boredom

  1. Ok. I stand corrected. Allison is still the TH and she's just as adorable with you controlling her! I love Hetal. She's just becoming more awesome with age …. I've also noticed that she's obsessed with space rockets. What's that all about?!

  2. Hahaha 😀 That sounds like hell of a party. Or not.

    I love that movement sims make when they are in the middle of a conversation and don't know what to say… like "okay, this is awkward…aaaaanyway." And you captured that so well 😀

  3. Nova has awesome genetics, I love her. But we will have to see what the others look like when they grow up, since Nova changed so much.

    That party was hilarious, and so indicative of so many townie parties. A single guest, pool parties without pools, no food. All the things the townies would whine about if it was an active party, lol.

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