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  1. Always interesting to see how different people score their ISBIs. Many also include points if you randomise traits/LTWs for the spares, and don’t use LTH of spares – maybe that might help with your total score?

    • Heh. Scores for ISBIs are all over the place. You have some of the fewest fails I’ve ever seen. I’m probably never going to randomize all the traits, but I might skip using the LTH of spares sometime.

      I tried out some tricks I saw in your blog recently, and things went a little… different with my family. I haven’t posted that bit yet, but I’m sure I’ll be up by the time you get to Gen 2 :).

      • Yeah, my idiots are crazy smart. It’s kind of scary, and I keep going through my mods, thinking I’m somehow cheating – but other than nraas mods, I really only use tuning ones, which wouldn’t make them so smart.

        • Actually, I think one big thing is lag, or the absence of it. Somewhere near the generation changeover, I installed CCMagic. This allowed me to create a custom set of mods for each of my saves. I pulled out all the NRaas StoryProgression modules I didn’t consider to be mandatory — I think I’m just running Population and Careers. I pulled out most of my CC items. CCMagic also automates the process of combining your mods/CC into single package files, which speeds things up.

          For a while, I also ran NRaas Relativity at a very slight slowdown, mostly because I’d heard that it helped reduce lag above and beyond just slowing down time. But my game got so zippy after the mod/CC overhaul that I took it out fairly quickly.

          In Gen 1, I had 17 instances of passing out. I’m almost done with Gen 2, and we’ve had one.

          • I use CC Magic too – have spent this evening looking for a rogue piece of invisible clothing (didn’t find it, unfortunately) – and you’re right, it helps immensely. Didn’t realise I could use it for mods, though, that’s great! I just merged my mods with S3PE, so I only have about 10 files in the mods folder.
            What I did with SP was to slow down the overall speed, so it runs all the checks slightly slower, means things lag less often 🙂

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