6 comments on “2.24 Typical Family Gathering

  1. ISBIs fascinate me, kind of a glimpse into the programming, and sims' traits, I guess. I wonder if sims 3 teens often end up staying out late? Both Edmund and Franklin did. It was funny how his little sister was glaring at him when he got home late.

  2. Oh God, I'm dying here – "William told me about the whole thing later. I had my head stuck in a trash can at the time." xD That's why I missed the Wonderlands so much! The craziness that seems completely normal around these sims!!

  3. Thank you for showing up to comment here!

    I love ISBIs. They're a chance to document the absurdity of sims in its pure state :). If I just let the game run, something funny almost always happens. Plus, nothing really needs to make sense, so it doesn't take nearly the kind of thought that the Samples do.

  4. Well, her head WAS in the trash can at exactly the moment Franklin was picked up by the cops. Heh.

    I've missed the Wonderlands. I'm going to play them at least to THEIR heir poll before I go back to the Samples. I hope it won't take long :).

  5. If you use the CAS settings of MC, you can get the numerical values for the sliders – that’s how I figure out what genetics the offpsring have, they’ll always have a whole set (eg. all nose) from one parent. I think you’re right about Gideon having William’s jaw, but he’s still too similar to Erin for my liking; suppose it depends on how his personality develops. And plus I love his bright blue eyes 🙂

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