5 comments on “2.33 The Worst Idea in the History of Bad Ideas

  1. That was so funny when she fussed at Franklin that their personal tragedy is no reason to skip school. But not funny that poor William died, and it sounds like it may have been a glitched moodlet. Poor Erin, she really sounds like she and William had quite a lot of passion. Oh– the whole fencing apples thing was hilarious too. I love the tone of this story.

    • Nothing stops the auto-scolding, not even the death of a loved one.

      I really don’t like seeing my sims die. I track their needs pretty carefully in the Sample Legacy and seldom put them at risk. It was hard to let this happen, and I’m certainly going to lose a lot of points for it. William’s LTW would have been worth a lot. Then again, point-tracking in an ISBI is mostly for the luls.

      On the positive side, the thirst ghost is awesome.

      Most of the PI cases are hilarious. I don’t have to dress them up a lot.

    • Huh. I just had a plantsim (Gamora Sample) get a dehydrated or possibly dangerously dehydrated moodlet. Whoops. It was also marked as 24 hours. It doesn’t make sense for the starvation warning to last 24 hours, and with William it clearly didn’t. Plantsims don’t have an extended lifespan, so I’m not sure what’s up with the timespan marked on that moodlet.

      I generally don’t let my sims needs fall that low, and my idiots in this challenge have usually dealt with hunger just fine, so I don’t have a lot of data.

  2. Aw, poor, idiotic William. So random that the moodlet would glitch out like that. Though I have seen idiot vamps die from starvation before, and noticed that they often don’t autonomously choose plasma juice from the fridge – buggy coding yet again. Possibly it might have been a glitch with the motive mobile, I find that doesn’t always help the movites of my occults. Sometimes I wonder how the coders allowed such a buggy game to be released, all the coders I know will spend days finding one tiny bug in their code that doesn’t even affect the overall running of the program.

  3. Nooooooooooooooo. Poor William! This was completely unexpected (duh), and I’m feeling really sorry for Erin. I wonder how she is going to cope with this 🙁

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