5 comments on “3.3 Vampiric Charm

  1. Hmm, spouse choice might be hard, hopefully Franklin helps you choose. Jennika isn’t so interesting-looking imo (though admittedly we didn’t see a great view of her face). Ginny is definitely interesting, though! Those cheekbones would be a cool addition!

    Haha, instead of polls, you could just ask for suggestions in the comments? That’s often a good way to pick a moving place – especially since you’ll probably get a couple options to choose from yourself.

    • I think you get a decent look at Jennika’s face in the last picture of her at the table. But I agree. It’s a nice face, not at all Face One, but no dramatic features.

      Where do you think we should move? I’m actually considering Twinbrook. It’s legendary for having “ugly” townies, but the line between interesting and ugly is a fine one. Plus I’ll be bringing in a bunch of sims to contribute genetics to the town, which can generate some fresh faces by the time I’m mate hunting again.

      • I think Twinbrook is too far on the side of ugly – though if they breed with some other sims, the next gen could be useful. I quite like the Midnight Hollow townie, there are some cool genetics there – though you do have to deal with the crappy dark lighting. IP also has some very interesting genetics…though that world is notoriously bad for playability.

  2. So many Sims 3 worlds, so little time! I remember I really liked Midnight Hollow’s layout and pre-made houses, and the general feel of it, although I do remember the darkness being annoying. Twinbrook was very interesting too, I remember playing an inventor sim there.

    The cats really made a mess of Erin’s award! I didn’t know they could do that! I think you were saying you hoped Franklin’s avant garde trait would lend towards him being sort of an Anne Rice stylish vampire, but he seems more interested in gardening and being a bit goofy. And he loves to go get latte’s, right?!

    • The Wonderlands actually came from Midnight Hollow in Generation 1. It seemed like the right place to start a supernatural-based ISBI.

      Yeah, I don’t think Franklin’s really coming off as Anne Rice, but he is developing his own voice, so I guess I’ll just roll with it.

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