3 comments on “3.4 Kind of Boring

  1. Oh, that’s so aggravating when you set up a date and the sim just bails for no apparent reason (probably a glitch/weird function of the game programming). I hate that!! Especially when they were the one that called my sim to start with! Then again, she has a pretty impressive hang time there playing basketball.

    Can he really garden in the basement? I just wondered if that was possible in Sims 3. It is in Sims 4 but I believe it was not possible in Sims 2, if I remember correctly.

    That picture of the cats cuddling is so cute. They are all quite fascinating looking with their amazing colors, and their faces are so cute!

    • I really have no idea why Jiao bailed on Franklin like that. I particularly hate it when they show up for a group outing, then leave immediately and claim that it was boring. Poor Franklin got a Bad Group Outing moodlet :(. I understand when the sim leaves to go to work, but what’s with this?

    • Oh, sorry — yes you can really garden in the basement. The Supernatural expansion included pots that you can plant everything in but trees. I usually put up a believable light source, but that’s just for show. Anything inside is considered to be a greenhouse.

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