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  1. This is really tough… I already know that I won't vote for Chris Whoovian, I really don't like him at all. The other ones look fairly interesting, especially Hetal and William. (Spike <3) Probably my choice will be one of those two. There are six days left; I should be able to decide by then.

  2. I am totally biased in favor of Hetal, and not just because we have the same haircut. (It's because I love her nose.) Also, purely for plot reasons- not that I know anything about the Sims, but you are making me want to learn!- it seems like the story would be more interesting if partners don't work together.

  3. Whee! What a surprise to see you here! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

    If you don't tell a sim what to do when it's a part of your household, the game chooses some autonomous action based on the sim's traits, needs (e.g. hunger and fun), and whatever is available on the lot. The point of the "I'm Surrounded by Idiots" challenge is to control only one sim per generation and leave the others completely on autonomy. It's supposed to be a really goofy challenge — autonomous sims do wacky, irrational things. It's not possible to be a firefighter on game autonomy, so Chris or William would have to change jobs.

  4. Oh, tough! Breaking up Spuffy might be tough, but having the opportunity to look at Spike for a whole generation is tempting! I'm also enjoying Hetal and Chris (I enjoy a good werewolf!). I can see the Dr Who resemblance a lot more in the promo pictures. I've never watched that show, but Hubby is obsessed with it.

  5. I have a lot of common interests with your hubby. 🙂 Doctor Who is a lot of fun. The scripts are really smart, the acting is good, and the production values are high. Episode themes run the gamut from social issues to far-future hard sci fi. There's a lot you can do with the time-traveling future cowboys premise.

    Like most Who fans who are interested in guys, I'm carrying a torch for the 10th Doctor. David Tennant doesn't have James Marsters (Spike)'s body, but he was charming as heck, and he had that character nailed.

  6. Hubby has a favorite companion (can't remember which one, probably a red head though) but seems to like all of the Doctors. He likes to try talking to me about the episodes and they do seem interesting. It'd be hard for me to watch it with him, though, since he'd feel the need to explain every little historical detail to a newbie like me and that would drive me nuts!

  7. So, I used my vote to record my friend Gina's, who is reading on her iPhone and can't get into the poll (hmmm — must find a better way to do this). I will include my actual vote when I announce the tally.

    I'm also shortening the poll a lot. I didn't mean to leave it up for 6 days. I think we may already have most of the votes we're going to get. I'm kind of thrilled that we've actually gotten as many votes as we have!

    I have to say that for a control freak like me, a poll on a major game event has been interesting. Heh.

  8. Ok, I'm totally voting for Hetal just because I know what you mean about her mom…she was so spectacular that I had to save her to my bin for…I have no idea what, but I couldn't let her get away. I was so excited that she had a daughter and had hopes that she and Spike 2.1 (the only male in my Mylipones so far) would glean some interest, but so far, no dice…like everyone else in the family, he's only into married women. -_-

    I may also vote for Chris, though…I hate to admit that my husband got me into Doctor Who, after much resistance on my part, and it took me all of about five minutes to become fascinated with the Doctor….so much so that I still haven't accepted the Tenth, even though everyone I know has told me he's amazing. We're only on his second episode, so we'll see…

  9. Ha! Jin would actually be a pretty good founder for a prettacy. Though honestly, you can you extreme sliders to make something far more distorted. Part of what makes Jin so captivating is that she's more believable. I kind of do want to keep her around for…. something. I'm certainly going to track her offspring if she has any more.

    Why on EARTH would you hate to admit to liking Doctor Who??? I know you have geek taste in media. That show is incredibly awesome.

    My heart belongs to the 10th Doctor, but it does appear that whoever you started with is the one you love best. We started with the 10th and went back to watch the 9th piecemeal, and I just never got attached to him. You gotta give Christopher Eccleston credit for rebuilding an iconic character and making it work. He must have been captivating. I just watched him wrong, I think.

    But the 10th is amazing. I'm sure you need more than two eps to fall in love. I didn't start liking the 11th until a good 6 or 7 episodes. He seemed like he was trying to kinda be like the 10th but not too much. Then somewhere in there he just clicked and became his own guy.

  10. I resisted for so long partly because it's British, and I have a hard time with British stuff…I'm not sure why; I love Harry Potter (sidenote: did you know that David Tennant actually played Barty Crouch, Jr. in Goblet of Fire? The hubs found out and pointed it out to me quite gleefully the other night.)…I think I had a different idea of what Doctor Who is about; you're right, it *is* actually kind of awesome…it's just really hard for me to admit that I really am that much of a geek. :-

    I also think you're right about people becoming attached to their "first" doctor; I was actually talking to one of my coworkers about that. He didn't care for Chris at all, BUT he had also grown up with the series, so he's familiar with the older doctors. I'm actually really interested in trying to see the original series at some point…

  11. Omg, I'm using the Anjali's in one of my stories, too (which has yet to be published because of my Percectionist trait- seriously I've been working on chapter 1 for 3 months and I'm only half-way through!)! I'm also going to use them in another story but, at the rate I'm going, that might be another 5 years lol. Both Jin and Hetal would be great for an uglacy, like you said. I wrote an uglacy a year ago and, unfortunately, I couldn't use either one of them but I did use Chase Bayless from Twinbrook! Whenever you get bored, check it out at my blog: legendsofthesims3.blogspot.ca. I think you'd get a kick out of it! 🙂

  12. I think the Anjalis are awesome. I'm seriously considering moving this family to Twinbrook if I get tired of Moonlight Falls. It seems like it has the wackiest faces. Though there are some good ones in Starlight Shores, too. I'm not sure I'm going to get tired of Moonlight Falls, though :).

    I added your blog to my reading list.

  13. Hi there! I picked them up from different designers.

    Spike: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=312899 (that headshot isn't that flattering, but you see him in my game)

    Angel: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=104422

    Here's Buffy: http://whedonsims.wordpress.com/2009/08/21/buffy-by-summersong86/

    I'm also using this Dawn: http://whedonsims.wordpress.com/2009/08/28/dawn-by-edejan/

    I changed all their traits to make them more closely match the characters to me — nobody who creates a simalike seems willing to give them negative traits. Spike's include Hopeless Romantic, Hotheaded, and Mean Spirited. Angel is Perceptive (in the Private Eye sense) with Commitment Issues. Buffy is Workaholic.

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