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We didn’t mean to. We just got so busy, and time goes by so fast. The twins had their first birthday while both Hetal and I were at work.


and then Christof

Jin got to see the whole thing, and Hetal and I missed it. I didn’t want to miss anything about parenthood! I felt so bad.

Now there were three toddlers in the house. Three! We had to get a playpen to corral them all.

Branden really got into the abacus toy. I bet he’ll be a rocket scientist when he grows up. Or an accountant!

Life started to settle in with three toddlers and a kitten. Sometimes it was hard to find time to feed, and nobody did much cleaning.

Little kids are so playful and sweet. When they’re not screaming their heads off.

I tried to keep up my role as mentor.

Hetal tried to be sure that I didn’t forget that I was also a woman.

Dinah and Cheshire also took some time away from their parental responsibilities.

Branden’s birthday was coming up fast, and I sure didn’t want to make the same mistake with him. Branden’s such a sweet kid. He’s almost never been much trouble,and he’s so gentle, even with his toys. Watching him sing lullabies to his favorite doll is just too good to be real.

We made sure that we circled the date on the calendar and made time for a celebration. We bought him a nice cake.

Hetal was in bed after a long day of work, and Jin was taking a quick nap.

I figured I’d go get Branden, and then we’d wake up the sleepyheads.

Then I went up to get him at the big moment, and I guess I just spaced out a little.

When I turned around, Branden grown up without me! It’s not fair.

But, sigh, oh well. I was really tired, so I left him in his bedroom and went to bed.

Now what are we going to do with all that cake??


So, here’s where went control freak and had to teach myself to calm the heck down. I kept the whole family home for the winter holiday (forgot what it’s called) because I was SO CLOSE to getting Branden skilled. But he was falling-over exhausted by the time he was halfway through potty training, so I had to put him down for a nap.

Then I bought the cake to at least give him a nice age-up (those custom cake recolors I found are nifty), but both Hetal and Jin had already gone to bed. So in a dark house, I kept Allison awake to be there for his birthday. I clicked the cake. She went to get him. And when she picked him up out of the crib, she put him down again, and he aged up on the floor while she was looking at the wall.

And for all that, he got the trait of Ambitious.

Hard, hard lessons in ISBIs. Just don’t expect to give a kid all their toddler skills.

In good news, both Caitlin and Christof look more promising than Branden. As toddlers, I’d say I like Christof’s face best. Caitlin has Hetal’s hair and Allison’s eyes. Christof has Jin’s hair (which has red tips) and Hetal’s eyes.

I rewarded myself for surviving the first month at my new job with Aurora Falls, and I bought the gold version for the playpen and walker. It’s a good way to get to do something different with toddlers at least, and they might even get skills. I haven’t actually played in the town yet, but I think the Wonderlands may move there in another generation.

Nobody could get enough of Peanut.

He was just too sweet for words.

Cheshire was just an amazing daddy.

I mean, how can you resist this face?

Oh yeah, and there were crying babies.

And one nanny who REALLY needs a day off.

The stink just led to more crying.

I at least got to escape to work, where I spent some time with my favorite non-family person.

Apparently William hates kids. Or just likes to complain about things.

He’s kind of a pain in the butt to get to know.

Then this couple showed up to tour the fire house on a date.

I have to say, the only thing more romantic than fire houses are fires.

Then the guy decided to give William a hard time.

And Chris Whoovian gave him a lecture about how ugly his fangs were.

It was just not his day!

I tried to cheer him up with a good pillow fight.

Meanwhile, Jules MacDuff showed up to try to convince Jin to forgive him.

But he didn’t gain any points with her because all he did was complain about Branden crying. I mean, he could just have given the kid a bottle!

Poor Jin really is so overworked. We can’t seem to mop up the pee on the floor fast enough.

I got a call for my first really big house fire! It was so exciting!

It was THIS guy again. He just can’t seem to stop making trouble.

After I got the fire out, I headed through the front door and found his roommate freaking out in the living room. The fastest way to get him outside was to chop down the back door. I really know how to make decisions under pressure.

The homeowners were kind of mad, but Hetal appreciated my heroism. You just can’t please some people.

Sometimes I just get so ticked off a ungrateful people! I come in and trash their houses for their own good. Don’t they understand that??

Well, I am a hero, and they aren’t. So there.


Self-Peeing + 2

Jin is my sole source of fail at the moment, but it’s hard to complain about her. She’s really provoked.

And Allison got to the level of firefighter that actually saves people, so she’s working toward her LTW. I wasn’t clear how the rescue scenario was supposed to work, since the first time it was wrong — having Allison waltz in the front door and bash the back door open with her axe was even funnier in gameplay.

OK, and here I am asking for advice. You see, both Allison and Hetal have rolled this wish:


On one hand, I am terribly peeved that all three kids have Allison’s skintone and Anjali hair. OTOH, four kids seems a little suicidal.

“Wow,” I said to Hetal when we had a chance to talk to each other with all the feedings and diaper changes. “This is a lot of work!”

But I made sure that Hetal knew that I didn’t expect her to quit her job or anything.

With her mom around to do free child care, there wasn’t any reason for either of us to stop working.

Hetal really did step up to the plate, though.

I guess actually being pregnant and giving birth was what she needed to really accept being a mother.

And not a moment too soon, because we sure had a lot of kids all of a sudden

Jin was still really into her job as nanny. In fact, sometimes I think she resented it when Hetal and I tried to care for our own kids.

She also almost single-handedly keep the house clean. She certainly earned her keep.

Three kids was a lot, and they pretty much never let her sleep. I’m sure glad Hetal and I weren’t the ones with three screaming kids in our room.

Hetal seemed to appreciate having Jin around the most.

Though sometimes she’d get this strange look on her face, and i could only imagine what she was thinking.

The holidays were coming! We made some time to decorate the house. I just love sparkling lights.

Zoe Durwood stopped by to talk about the snow. She’s really more Jin’s kind of person.

Dinah was looking pretty smug these days. She must have been eating a lot too because she was gaining weight so fast!

Jin was really starting to crack. One day, she got a call from Jules MacDuff, asking her out on a date.

I can’t remember when she last had a day off, so we hired a babysitter, and off she went.

The babysitter was kind of a moron.

I don’t know what she was doing while Hetal and I were at work, but we came home to a bunch of screaming hungry kids with putrid diapers.

I’m going to report her to the babysitting service.

Jules invited Jin out to the graveyard for a hot date.

Then he stood her up!

That guy is such a jerk. I can’t see what either of the Anjali women ever saw in him.

I got to put out another fire!

It was a nice toasty one for such a cold day.

Hetal got promoted at work!

She finally got a work uniform and stopped having to go to the courthouse in her graduation robes.

Jin spent the night in the graveyard. Apparently she was too embarrassed to come home and tell us Jules stood her up.

When Jin finally came home, Dinah started yowling outside! We all ran out to see what was the matter.

And we saw a little head peeking out of the snow!

Dinah headed inside and left her bundle of joy for us to deal with.

I dug him out of the snow. What an amazing little guy!

Meet Peanut Wonderland. Isn’t he the cutest little kitty you ever saw? Well, except for his parents of course.

I don’t know if it was Jules being such a douche or all that nonstop child care, but Jin was starting to act a bit wrong in the head.

We moved her bed to the garage.

Finally she could get some sleep

I certainly hope that helps.


So much for Jin’s much-needed day off. At least she got rid of her Stir Crazy moodlet.

Jin spent most of the day napping on park benches and returned home about as exhausted as she was when she left. Now, I supposed concrete park benches in the snow are not terribly good places to get rest, but I am displeased by how little rest you get from naps to begin with. I may mod this.

The babysitter did glitch or something, and she just stood there for three hours while all the kids screamed in their cribs. I sent Allison home from work early to get rescue them. ARGH.

And I couldn’t be happier with Peanut! What a great combination of his parents. I can’t wait to see him grow up.

Winter settled into the Wonderland house.

I was getting promotions at work and getting to spend more time with really big fires!

Hetal was still a Podium Polisher, but she was really good at it.

Jin was the best live-in nanny you could imagine. She worked really hard to be sure that Branden had everything he needed while his mommies were away.

She just couldn’t get enough of him. Maybe part of it was that there was such a close family resemblance.

Just between you and me, I’m not sure that part was such a great thing. No offense to Jin or anything, but her face could turn you to stone.

Great big noses aside, Branden was just amazing. I never tired of watching him explore and learn.

And he had that special way with his toys. I think he gets it from Hetal’s side of the family.

Dinah and Cheshire were so adorable. I’m blessed every day by having my kitties in my life.

I’m a pretty good momma if I do say so myself! After a busy day of work, I always made time to spend with my little boy.

Jin made sure that Hetal and I got a bit of precious time to spend together, even if it was just a bit of conversation at the dinner table.

I got my first solo call to a really big fire! The kitchen at the Mome Rath Cafe caught fire.

Don’t worry, weird Chinese guy, I’m here to save you!

At the end of the day, I was victorious. Like the cowboys of old, I rode off on my WooWoo 10000 into the setting sun.

And I got a promotion!

All that woowooing can be hard on your ears, though.

Then the big surprise came! Hetal was pregnant!

She’s still having trouble with her responsibilities toward Branden. I hope she comes to her senses soon.

She sure is sexy when she’s expecting, though.

With a new baby on the way and me spending long hours at work, Jin really picked up the slack for us.

Hetal still worked hard to keep us all fed.

But with all those hormones raging, she was kind of off her game.

There days when she was so sick from the pregnancy that I almost had to carry her to the kitchen to make me breakfast.

When she couldn’t do it, I tried to help out.

Then at last the moment came!

The baby was on its way!

I have to say that I did a bit better at being the support parent than Hetal did when she was in my shoes. I stayed with her and hailed a cab for us to go to the hospital together.

No wonder Hetal’s pregnancy was rough! We walked out of the hospital with not one, but two bundles of joy. Two!

Introducing Christof in the blue and Caitlin in the green.

Now life is going to get VERY interesting.



I did not do anything to stimulate twins on purpose. They don’t even have a radio or a television. I figured tracking two toddlers at the same time would be eye-crossing. But it happened anyway, so I’ll take the points!

Christof is a non-witch who is Friendly and Athletic. Caitlin is a witch who is Good and Insane. I’m going to try to focus on getting Christof trained so that he can get Insane. There’s no way they’ll both get all their skills.

And yes, that does mean that both of the witches are Good. I swear I didn’t choose that.

I’m so sure parenting will be easy! Just as soon as I figure out how to work the crib…

See, the bottle goes there. I can do this.

Hetal was a big help. She made sure I had plenty to eat.

She certainly had more interest in… you know… than I did right after Branden was born. She couldn’t get enough of it.

Most of the time, I just wanted to sleep.

What she didn’t do was get anywhere near Branden. She couldn’t get out of the bedroom fast enough in the morning.

Clearly she has issues with being a mommy. Well, I’ll just have to be patient with her. I hope she realizes how precious he is soon. He won’t be tiny like this forever.

Fortunately, Jin turned out to be the best grandmother ever! Who would have guessed!

It was like she had this telepathic connection to Branden and knew what he wanted faster than I did.

Come to think of it, I’m not sure how I feel about someone caring for Branden better than I do. But at least it was good to get some sleep.

It didn’t seem like I could get enough sleep. I guess having a kid is kind of tiring.

While we were so caught up with the baby, Dinah grew up! I feel bad that she didn’t get a better birthday, but I tray to make sure she knows how much I love her every day.

Cheshire certainly noticed that Dinah was more mature.

They’d always been best pals, but now they seemed to spend even more time together. They’d go sneaking out of the house all the time. I can just imagine the kind of adventures they were having together.

Then Feast Day rolled around! And it was also Branden’s birthday! We decided to throw a big feast in celebration.

We invited some of my favorite people.

William was really into me holding a baby. Maybe a little bit TOO into it.

I’m not going to tell is girlfriend Beatrice, who was home with *their* new baby.

Things got a bit crowded in the kitchen. Everyone crowded around the baby and wouldn’t let me through! I swear, some people just lose their heads when a baby is around.

Branden still had a great birthday!

My little boy! Isn’t he so handome?

I’m, um, sure he’ll grow into the nose.

Jin had the best time at the party, though. She and Jules MacDuff really hit it off.

Jules went dating the daughter to hitting on her mother. He’s a pretty creepy guy, now that I think about it. At least he keeps his paws off my Hetal.

Whatever you might say about Jules, he made Jin act like a little girl again. They talked all afternoon and gazed into each other’s eyes for hours. When he left, she dashed upstairs for some alone time.

By the time we actually got to the feast, only one guy was around to eat it.

We had all these amazing leftovers. I figured we’d be able to eat for weeks. But they all went bad immediately. All this healthy cooking fad has gone too far. People should cook with a few preservatives.

Hetal and I had to work, and Branden was waking us up in the night all the time. We figured that Jin was such a good grandmother that she wouldn’t mind sharing her room with him instead.

Man did a good night’s sleep bring my libido back! Hetal really knows how to give a girl a good time.

Though the next morning, she wasn’t feeling too well. I hope she feels better soon!


Scoresheet: +1 Self-peeing, +! Pregnancy

OK, so the answer to my writer’s block turned out to be pretty simple — go on a business trip that involves flying from Boston to Albuquerque, NM and back. It’s something like nine hours in transit. There’s no way I could play Sim on a plane, but I have this huge folder of screen shots, and writing posts takes almost no battery power :).

So I wrote five Wonderland posts and half a Sample post, and that’s the outbound trip. We’ll see if I can tackle the 2-3 posts left in Sample Generation 4 on the return trip. No promises. My brain might be full of work stuff then.

I’m going to ration out my backlog of posts to one every couple of days. I wouldn’t want to miss out on any comments.

Adult Dinah is an amazing creation by the DNA Request Team at If anyone is interested, I can produce a link to her to go with the link to the Cheshire Cat.

Here’s one of our new neighbors, Oberon Summerdream.

We don’t see him a lot, but when we do he usually comes home and can’t figure out which house is his.

Well, it didn’t take long for me to figure out why I was feeling so tired and pukey. We were going to be moms! It was so exciting!

I got up before Hetal and went downstairs. I thought maybe I’d clean up a couple of the dishes somebody left out on the floor a couple of days ago. I mean, soon there would be a baby here, and I wanted the place to be nice for little him or her!

When Hetal wandered downstairs, I thought I’d get her ready for the big news by being really gross and shocking.

I figured that way, when I broke the news that we were having a baby, it would be less shocking than eating dirt.

Hetal took it well, I think. I hope so.

She didn’t say anything for a long time.

Then her cell phone rang. It was some guy named Jules MacDuff. Hetal looked kind of uncomfortable talking to him. When she hung up, she told me that she needed to head out, and I had nothing to worry about.

Why would I have something to worry about?

It rained all day, and Hetal didn’t come home.

I kept busy fixing up appliances around the house.

And playing with my kitties.

And complaining about the new furniture.

Oh, and my mother-in-law Jin had a birthday.

She claims that she had Hetal when she was really, really young. By my math, she would have had to be in grade school when Hetal was born.

I wonder if she’s lying about her age.

Night fell, and Hetal still hadn’t come home. I started to worry. When Jin heard that Hetal was talking to this Jules guy on the phone, she didn’t want to talk to me about it.

What if Jules was some kind of stalker guy who would kidnap my love and lock her in a room where she could do nothing but sing to him and cook him pancakes? Like she cooks me pancakes?

I had to take a deep breath. Hetal’s a big girl. She can handle herself. I headed off to bed alone. I don’t like to sleep alone anymore.

Then my phone went off at 3am. “Allisssson? Izzat you?” said the voice on the other end of the line.

“Hetal?” I gasped.

“I kinda need a ride home,” Hetal slurred. “I got kinda smashed.”

“You want your pregnant wife to go out in the pouring rain to pick you up at a bar??” I demanded.

“Uh,” Hetal said. “Sure?”

I hung up and went and got her at The Toadstool. It closed at 2am. After they kicked her out, she’d stood under the awning and watched the rain for over an hour before she even called me. Jules MacDuff was with her and a bunch of other people including two fairy kids. It was really crowded under that awning. The whole area smelled like pee, and some of it was Hetal’s.

When I got there, Hetal strolled out into the rain to meet me. “On second thought,” she said, “I think I’ll call a cab.”

So I rode home on the bike alone. She met me there.

We stood together, dripping on the carpet of our new home. I was soggy all the way down to my baby bump. My baby was probably soggy too. If he or she caught a cold and was coughing and sneezing in there, it would be all Hetal’s falt.

“I can explain,” Hetal said.

“OK,” I said. “It better be good.”

It kind of was.

So it turns out Jules MacDuff was her boyfriend in high school. He was graduating today, and he called her to invite her to his party. Jules was a real puppydog kind of guy, and he still thought there was something between them. She wanted to see him as soon as possible, so she headed to his party to make it clear that they were now just friends.

When she got there, she stood out in the rain for a long time before anyone came to the door. Then it was his sister, who said he’d already left.

So she called him up to find out what the heck was going on. He apologized and said he’d meet her someplace. She told him to meet her at the Toadstool. Then she went there and hung around all afternoon, but he still didn’t show.

So she called him again. He said he’d be right there. This time he came running in wearing his cap and gown. Turns out that graduation had been this afternoon. Why hadn’t he just said so??

She didn’t waste any time telling him the news. He didn’t take it very well.

He swore she’d invited him out on a date, and he gave her a really hard time about it.

But then he swore he didn’t want to be around her anymore, and he was going to go straight home, but he didn’t. He hung around, and they had a drink together, and then another one, and another one….

And then the bar closed and kicked everyone out, which is where I found her.

I admit, maybe I wasn’t being a very supportive wife, but I was pretty ticked off. It was too late to talk about it anymore, so we went to bed. When I got up in the morning, I felt a lot better.

I mean, Hetal had gone to all that trouble in the rain to break it off with her old boyfriend. She must really, really love me. And we were having a baby together now. I think it was time to leave the past in the past and focus on having a wonderful new life together.

I’m sure there wouldn’t be any more trouble with this Jules guy anyway.

The next day, I went out to check the mail. Mixed up in all the bills was a note from William Pierce. Apparently he and his fiancee are expecting a baby too! Wow, we’re going to have kids the same age! Isn’t that an amazing coincidence!

I wonder why they didn’t get married first.

Oh, and there was a note to tell us to pick up a… really big wedding gift.

So Jules sent us a wedding gift?? That must mean he’s totally over Hetal and wants us to be happy together! I’m so glad he spent a lot of money to tell us that, because selling that table really helped us pay our bills.

Then things started to really, um, hurt.

Our neighbor Oberon totally freaked out and helped me get to the hospital.

It was still raining. It’s a wonder the whole town hasn’t flooded.

But Hetal came running as soon as she heard. She was with me every moment of the excruciating childbirth. I love her so much.

Our little boy was born pretty soon after that. His name is Branden, and he’s our little angel.

Wow. We’re parents now. Can you believe it?


Introducing Branden Wonderland, the first of Generation 2! And I made it! All the way through a pregnancy in one post. Of course, it was easier now than when there are more people in the house.

Branden is Good and Insane, and he’s a Witch. His favorite color is even white. We now have a Good Witch and a Bad Witch in this house. I wonder how that’s going to work out when they grow up. Sadly, he didn’t inherit either Hetal or Jin’s skintones.

Oh, I never gave you Hetal’s traits. She’s Flirty, Great Kisser, Clumsy, Evil, and No Sense of Humor. The last one is what she added when she aged up, and it doesn’t seem to suit her that well, but what can you do? Oh, and her LTW is Master Romancer, for Heaven’s sake. This girl is a real femme fatale. Allison may be in for some rocky romance in the future.

ARRRRGH MISSING PICTURES!!! How do these things happen?? I’ve looked all over for the shots of Hetal’s misadventures tracking down Jules to break off a dangling romantic interest. The whole thing was frustrating, but hilarious, and it would have been funnier with pictures. It would be so nice if a townie sim would know that he’s going to graduation and notify you of that instead of accepting invitations to meet and then not showing up.

After the Toadstool closed, there was some kind of glitch, and nobody went home. They just stood there at the door, complaining about being tired and peeing themselves. So of course I got my first self-wetting. I finally hauled Allison out of bed and sent her to the bar to see if she could go home with Hetal. As soon as Allison showed up on the lot, the spell was broken and everyone headed home. I took this funny shot of Allison getting off her bicycle in the rain, and Hetal walking right past her to get into a taxi to go home.

I will point out that I wrote my house rules about considering all actions required to break off a romantic interest to be one action before this happened, but I wasn’t visualizing quite so many actions.

The serial numbers in my screenshots folder are sequential, but I’d swear I looked at those pictures. It makes me wonder if there’s some circumstance that leads the game to start at the wrong number and overwrite old screenshots.

At any rate, I took a few Mac screenshots to get the notification messages, and we’re stuck with this. You can imagine it.

We had to scramble around to find a place we could afford that would fit all five of us on a really tight budget.

But we found it! It’s a cute little duplex close to the Courthouse so that Hetal will have a quick commute to work.

Of course, the house was about ALL we could afford.

At least everyone has a place to sleep, including the kitties.

If we eat in shifts, we’ll be all right until we can get a bit more money coming in.

Fortunately, Hetal wasn’t asking for all that much. We have each other, a roof over our heads, and a bedroom.

That bedroom part is very important.

I really hope she likes our new home. We wanted to scamper upstairs and get some alone time before Hetal’s mother got home from hanging out with her best friend.

But it was a new place, and we were trying too hard.

Nothing quite worked out as we planned.

Fortunately, Hetal said she had a better idea.

Our wedding night ended up just fine.

And I got to sleep by my wife for the very first time. Wife! Can you believe that!

I had sweet dreams. I hope Hetal did too.

When I got up the next morning, Hetal was already downstairs cooking me breakfast. I could get used to this.

Then came the moment of truth. My mother-in-law came home. Her name is Jin, and she looks terrifying.

But she immediately started cleaning all the dishes. Finally someone was cleaning up around here!

Cheshire headed outside a made a new friend.

I hope Dinah doesn’t get jealous!

I decided to have some fun with Jin.

It turns out I’m scarier than she is!

Of course, that might not have been the best idea for family relationships.

The view out the window is lovely. I can see just a bit of the fire house from here too.

But I swear, these crumb-filled plats just get left around everywhere! I just put my dirty plate down on the counter, and it’s still here! Disgusting!

Blah blah blah, yadda yadda. Talk to the hand. It’s talking to you.

I made sure that Dinah got extra cuddles while Cheshire was out roughhousing with some strange kitty.

But as I bent over, I had the most awful feeling.

Ugh! I hope I don’t have the stomach flu! That’s not the way to spend your honeymoon.


We now have idiots, and we’ve moved into an apartment! So far, the idiots are taking better care of the place than Allison did.

Gameplay note: I have Same Sex Try for Baby set on Twallan’s mod to impregnate randomly, so I have no idea who will turn up pregnant for a given baby chime.

The new apartment is 4603 Scarlet Lane.

Also, since Jenn was interested, here’s the link to the Cheshire Cat.

I discovered after falling in love with it that there is NO PLACE to put a double bed in either bedroom. Well then. Not sure what the logic was in that.After Allison and Hetal failed to get to the bed that I thought I had placed correctly, I managed to place one via moveobjects that works fine and looks OK. However, the long-term plan is to put it on a wider lot and expand the whole structure several squares. The Wonderlands can’t afford that right now of course.

Otherwise, the place is adorable. Money is tight, and it’s kind of fun for it to be tight. I’ve added a handicap to this legacy that I can’t buy No Bills Ever, so it should be longer before the household assets explode. I had to strip out most of the furniture to buy this place, even with the money Hetal and Jin brought in. Then after I started playing, I realized that the inflated price was coming from a ton of art on the walls. So they’re living on folding chairs, but they have a big Nicely Decorated moodlet all the time. I’m going to leave it that way because it seems so appropriate for Insanity :).

Dinah really wanted some of the cake slice that I left on the counter the night before, but Cheshire made sure she couldn’t get to it. Cheshire is so responsible that way. I’m sure he didn’t eat any himself.

The day dawned dark and rainy. That’s Hetal’s favorite kind of day, you know. I hope she was thinking of me when she looked at the rain. I didn’t used to like rainy days at all. Sunny days are so much more cheerful and friendly. But now that I know how much my true love likes them, I’m going to see if I can figure out what might be good about them.

Running out to catch my carpool is definitely NOT one of those good things.

I’m getting to know my coworkers better, though, and that makes work a lot of fun.

Today, we got a call from Serena Durwood, who set fire to her kitchen. Her house was pretty nice. Rick Lugosi doesn’t seem to be down anymore. He said his ex-girlfriend was “taken care of.” There are some things it’s better not to ask about, especially from a vampire.

Serena didn’t really look like the kind of person who did her own cooking. Maybe she shouldn’t get near the stove anymore.

The kitchen fire was the biggest fire I’ve ever put out, and I did it all by myself. It was such a pretty fire. Moonlight Falls Fire Department was so impressed that I got another promotion!

I have this job aced.

When I got outside after the fire was long out, Serena was still freaking out in the back yard.

I told her not to worry. This is my job. People pay me to put out fires. Everything was under control.

Once Serena started to calm down, she really wanted to talk. She followed me back to the truck to talk.

And talk.

And talk some more. She sure didn’t seem to mind the rain. I didn’t really enjoy getting soaked, but she was having such a good time, I thought it would be impolite to say so.

Serena turns out to be a witch too! I’m just a witch magnet. That part’s not too bad.

When I finally dragged back to the firehouse and changed clothes, it was almost quitting time. I quickly got in a bit of maintenance on the fire alarm. I really wanted to see Hetal again. I didn’t have any money left to go out to dinner, but I wonder if she’d go for some kind of intellectual date. Maybe the art museum?

Just before I grabbed my phone, it rang on its own! It was Hetal! She wanted to invite me out on a date. It’s like we were cosmically connected.

She gave me the address of the place where she wanted to meet. I was out the door and on my bike faster than you could say, “Lickety split!”

I have to say that Hetal’s choice of romantic locations surprised me. The address she gave me turned out to be the local junkyard.

When Hetal arrived, she was dressed in a cap and gown. She’d come straight from her high school graduation ceremony. How sweet!

She said she’d just gotten a job as a Podium Polisher at the courthouse. My girl was a future Leader of the Free World! I was so proud.

Hetal really appreciated my hard day at work, and she wanted to help me relax. She truly has magic fingers.

I got lost just looking in her eyes.

I knew what I wanted to do, so I just stopped worrying and rolled with it.

Hetal said yes!

I figured she’d want a big wedding, but she didn’t want to wait at all. She said she couldn’t think of a better place to become my wife.

I’m not sure I exactly get the romance of a junkyard. I guess the bits of scrap did sparkle in the sunset. And the only other people there with us were also clearly in love, so maybe it’s just me who thought it was weird.

I guess there are a lot of things about Hetal I’m going to spend my life figuring out. I can’t wait to start.

Hetal Anjali became Hetal Wonderland that night, and we started our life together.

As I held her close, she whispered in my ear, “Do you think your house is big enough for all of us?”

“All of us?” I asked.

“You, me, and my mom,” she said. “Of course Mom is going to live with us.”



I could not have come up with something funnier if I tried. I don’t know which expansion added the ability of townies to call you for dates, but it’s fabulous. Hetal really did call right as I was clicking Allison’s phone to ask her out on a date. Only a Sims townie would invite someone out on a date to the junk yard. But apparently it’s a pretty popular spot for lovers in Moonlight Falls.

The junkyard isn’t the one that came with the town. I don’t have anything against Grady’s Junkstop, but I already played it in Sunset Valley. I downloaded the Meteor Aftermath Junkyard from Mod The Sims. If I’d realized such an important event would happen there after dark, I’d’ve added lights.

Dawn broke on another lovely day in Moonlight Falls.


Birds were chirping. Kitties were frolicking.

And some lady at the park was spontaneously combusting.


Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt.


(The camera directed me to this event. I think I might have gotten a popup about it from Twallan and accidentally clicked it. Heh.)

Today was Leisure Day! And I couldn’t think of anyone I wanted to spend it with more.


Hetal said she couldn’t meet me at the Eerie Festival Park because she today was her birthday! She wanted to throw some sort of a party.

“That’s great!” I said. “I’ll bring a cake and we can have the party at the park!”

“Umm…” she said. “OK. If you buy the cake.”

So I immediately headed out to find the best cake I could and bring it to Eerie Park. It wiped out my savings again, but it was to such a great cause!


Eerie park was nicely decorated for the summer festival.


Hetal arrived right after I did. My, she was nicely decorated, if you know what I mean.


I told her she looked like a shining star, the kind of star who could be someone’s lifetime wish.


She wanted to know where the cake was, so I showed it to her. She seemed pretty happy.


I told her to be quick and blow out the candles.


She brought a couple of her girlfriends from school to cheer for her too.




Didn’t she age up nicely?


Now, I swear I was not obsessing over a highschool girl. My motives toward Hetal while she was a kid were completely pure. But now she’s all grown up, and I have to confess that now my motives are…. not so pure. She’s so smart and lovely!


But I couldn’t get a chance to talk to her with everyone crowding in for free cake.


And then I really had to go pee. Hey! Who put the men’s room here??


When I finally found the bathroom, I had to take a few minutes to freshen up.


I really wanted to look my best!


When I got out of the bathroom, Hetal was taking a spin around the broom arena. The wind was in her hair, and her eyes were alight with the adventure of flying. She couldn’t have been more beautiful.


I so wish I were a witch and could ride on a broom like that!

I gave myself a quick talking to before I lost my nerve. It was now or never! I had to let her know how I felt.


She told me I was awfully nice, but she had to go to the bathroom right now. I couldn’t let her go away, so I followed. That didn’t go so well.


The bathroom was getting to be awfully popular. There was no way I could talk about my feelings here!


I finally managed to get Hetal to come back outside, where I nervously asked her if she was planning to marry anyone in the next, oh, week or too.


She told me that she didn’t have anyone in mind. I was so happy!

So happy I kind of lost control of myself.


She actually didn’t mind! She said she’d kind of been waiting for me to do that.


There, under the stars, Hetal Anjali agreed to be my girl.


The rest of the evening was a blur. I could barely see straight on the ride home.


I settled down with a slice of leftover birthday cake. Since I wiped out my food budget to buy it, I was going to see a lot of that cake.


That night, I dreamed the best kind of dreams.



Hope everyone had a good holiday!

Allison really did roll a high-powered wish to be a witch. I thought about it, but I didn’t lock it in. She’s dirt poor right now, and it doesn’t really match my vision for her.

Hetal jumped right in and met Allison with her own autonomous romantics. They do make a cute couple. I’m pretty happy the poll closed before all those William votes could crowd her out 🙂 :).

I have my memory upgrade installed, the new Windows 7 virtual machine set up, and so far the game is running like a dream. I’ve only played it on the Wonderland save so far, though. I’m still sort of scared to find out if the Samples are crashing for some other reason…. Wish me luck!

When I got up in the morning, I found that the kitchen was starting to smell disgusting! Why doesn’t anyone clean around here?


I had my breakfast in the living room, since the kitchen was so gross.


When I got to work, Rick Lugosi seemed to be really depressed.


My boring mortal coworker whose name I haven’t bothered to learn told me that his girlfriend dumped him.


Vampires like to get all mopey and brooding, so I figured I’d just leave him to it.

I finally got to try out the fireman’s pole!


Which was very important because mortal girl was telling a ghost story.


She tells a good story. Maybe she’s not quite so boring after all. It’s not like she can help being mortal.


Then something awful occurred to me!


I’d forgotten to feed the kitties! I sneaked out of the station and rushed home on my bicycle.


Wow, it’s really gotten awful in here! Nobody ever cleans up anything, and the sofa is shredded.


Even Dinah gave herself a nasty cold shower!

Well, I gave them their food. I’m so sorry poor Dinah had to wait and get hungry!


When I got back, it didn’t look like anyone had noticed I was gone.


William dropped by to show off his fangs. They’re such attractive fangs, but I do wonder how one can clean them properly.


I was so tired after the mad dash home and back that I headed upstairs to take a nap. William and Chris seemed to be having a heated conversation. William really loved a book by some guy named Shakespeare, and Chris hated it. Men.


I didn’t let their little spat get in the way of my sleep!


I woke up later to the sound of William yelling at his video game. Apparently he really gets into Grand Theft Auto. But he should watch his language!


I dreamed about Hetal, and I couldn’t wait until I was off duty to try to see her again. I called her from the station to see if she might be interested in dropping by just to hang out.


I was so surprised and happy when she agreed! I came outside to find her swearing at the side of the garage. She seemed to think there was supposed to be a door there.


I found her, and we had a lovely chat about the weather. She really loves dark rainy days.


I prefer sunny days. They just make you feel so cheerful!


We kept chatting until I got off duty. Then I worked up my courage to ask her to go do something after work. That’s it! We could take a tour of the arboretum!


The arboretum glows beautifully at night. We had a great time looking at all the plants.

When we finished, I was really hungry.


I didn’t want our time together to end, so I asked her to go out to the diner with me. My treat!


I didn’t think that through very well. Our meal wiped out the rest of my paycheck. I almost had to do dishes to pay off the bill. It might have been better if Hetal hadn’t ordered the Lobster Thermidore, which was the most expensive thing on the menu, but how could I deny her anything?

Hetal seemed to think the whole thing was a pretty good time. I’m so glad.


She asked me what I thought about living a life of crime. I told her I’d never thought about it, but maybe it would be okay if it involved a lot of fire.


It was getting so late. I finally forced myself to say goodbye. I told Hetal I really hoped to see her again soon. She said she’d be glad to go out with me if I paid for some more meals.

I left her on the sidewalk doing her homework.


And I headed home in the dark, thinking about her.


When I got home, I’d finally had it with the place being a pit. Somebody had to clean things up around here, and since nobody else was doing it, I’d just have to do it myself.


I was lucky to see another kitty drop by!


She was so cute.


Oh, and THIS was why the whole kitchen smelled so bad. I never cleaned up the horrible burned mac’n’cheese from last week. Whoops.


I took care of that.


And I got a bit of quality time in with Cheshire. It was getting really late, but I had missed him all day.


Then I remembered I would be able to sleep in tomorrow because it was Leisure Day! Yay!


Well, this gets me caught back up. Not having to think of a plot or track more than one character certainly makes posts faster to write! It’s also easy to fall into the one-post-per-day rhythm. I still have a goal of getting through an entire pregnancy in one post. We’ll see how that goes 🙂 :).

You’ll notice that William is suddenly paler. It turns out he wasn’t actually a vampire after all. Now I’m kind of disappointed with his skintone. He was so much sexier before he was a vampire. Hmmmm.

I really had forgotten just how much it costs for two people to eat at the diner when you’re still on starting funds. That meal wiped her out. Whoops. Though the Samples have been so rich for so long that I’m kind of enjoying having to think about money. I think I am going to add a new handicap to my game: I cannot buy No Bills Ever.

And a little cameo from Sim!Mist. That was cute. I wonder if she’ll still be around to breed to Cheshire and Dinah’s heir. Hmmmm. She is pretty interesting looking for a sim cat. I downloaded somebody’s tortoiseshell marking pattern and dialed back the colors to get a dilute tortie, which is what Mist is.

I’m not terribly impressed with Moonlight Falls’ diner rabbithole. I’ve always liked the Bistro better anyway. I downloaded a bistro recolor that I’m going to place someplace in town.